Kaori Momoi: The Art of Playing a Prostitute


Kaori Momoi at the screening of ‘Hee’ in Hong Kong on March 31.
PHOTO: Hong Kong International Film Festival Society

Japanese actress Kaori Momoi is in Hong Kong this week to present her film “Hee” at the 40th Hong Kong International Film Festival. “Hee” had its premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival in February, and the Hong Kong screening marks the film’s Asian premiere.

Ms. Momoi both directed the film and took the lead role of an ageing prostitute who has been accused of murdering her family and is now seeing a psychiatrist.

As part of my work for the HKIFF , I attended the film’s screening and wrote up an article based on the Q&A that Ms. Momoi conducted with the audience. It can be read here.

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