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‘212 Warrior’: Indonesian Martial-Arts Book Series to Hit the Big Screen



PHOTO: Fox International Productions and Lifelike Pictures

Indonesian actor Vino G. Bastian will star in “212 Warrior,” a film version based on his father’s popular martial-arts novels. Fox International Productions and Lifelike Pictures will co-produce the film, which is due for release next year.

Mr. Bastian will portray Wiro Sableng, or 212 Warrior, a character from a series of Indonesian martial-arts (known as silat) books written by Bastian Tito, who died in 2006, according to a statement released this week from Fox International Productions, a division of 20th Century Fox Film Corp., and Lifelike Pictures, an Indonesian-based production company.

The statement said the series consisted of 185 titles and described it as “one of the longest-running book series in Indonesia,” which appeared from 1967 to 2006. “Each novel in the series sold hundreds of thousands of copies,” the statement said, “and several titles sold more than one million copies. Wiro Sableng has become the legendary hero of Indonesia, and even until today it still has very strong fan base.”

Angga D. Sasongko will direct the film from a screenplay by Sheila Timothy, Tumpal Tampubolon and Seno Gumira Ajidarma. Martial-arts actor Yayan Ruhiyan (“The Raid,” “The Raid 2” and “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”) will also join the production.

Mr. Bastian posted a photo from the press conference in Jakarta, where the project was announced, on his Twitter account:

The film is Fox International Productions’ first co-production with an Indonesian company. Fox International Productions President Tomas Jegeus, producer Sheila Timothy, and executive producer Michael J. Werner announced the deal.

“I am truly thrilled about this project and couldn’t be more satisfied to be working with such an inspiring and creative team from Lifelike Pictures on ‘212 Warrior,’ ” Mr. Jegeus said, adding that Fox was “honored to be the first Hollywood studio to co-produce a movie with an Indonesian partner.”

Mr. Werner said the recent “growth in the Indonesian movie landscape made this the right project and the right time to move forward.”

The film will be distributed in Indonesia and possibility to other countries, the statement said.